Yuhan Guo

Currently live in Chicago and study at School of the Art Institute of Chicago. To me, visual art presents a view that is distinct from the rigid angles and perspectives inherent to scenes in everyday life. Perception and composition are the main focus of my descriptions. In my day to day life, I focus more on the sensorial rather than visual aspect of my surroundings. When drawing, I wish to be sensitive to the relationship between the overall entirety of the image and the smaller, more specific parts. I try to avoid depicting what I see, focusing instead on what I sense, using minimal coloration.

  • Amy Segami – Commemorative Poster

  • Faridg Griyechk – Albert Einstein Oil Pastel on Canvas

  • Faridg Griyechk – Ray Charles Charcoal Portrait

  • Juried 12×12″ Holiday Show Submission

  • Nick Antonopolous – Bocas del Toro, Panama

  • Nick Antonopolous – Jungfrau Switzerland

  • Nick Antonopolous – Southwest Iceland Lighthouse

  • Nick Antonopolous – Thune Switzerland

  • Nixon the Murderer – Rice Paper – Propaganda Art

  • Ryan Blume - Anceint Future Vision

    Ryan Blume – Ancient Future Vision

  • Ryan Blume - Inner Flight

    Ryan Blume – Inner Flight

  • Ryan Blume – Inner Illumination