Painting allows me to impose form upon the internal forces, which would otherwise control me. I am shaping, blending, contrasting, and reimagining my reality with each stroke of the brush. Just as in life outside the studio, my attachments, my narrative, and my perspective go through a series of catabolic and anabolic shifts. Each piece reflects this dynamic process. I often find myself letting go of some painterly element that I’ve spent hours, days, or weeks perfecting, simply because some place within me requires it as an offering for what will come next.

Painting encourages perspective because it drops the veil between illusion and creation. It encourages me to embrace practical solutions to nebulous challenges. Painting makes it easier for me to connect with my power, which I feel as an eternal movement that cannot be owned by circumstance or even my own mind. Regardless of what I choose, whether to create a wash, highlight an element, or paint in a form, exercising choice is my purpose, not the choices themselves. The hope, is that which elevates and inspires me, will translate to the viewer. 

  • Tara Luther – Capricorn (Zodiac Series)

  • Tara Luther – Gorias of the East

  • Tara Luther – Pisces (Zodiac Series)

  • Tara Luther – Scorpio (Zodiac Series)