Ryan Blume

Ryan Blume

Artist Statement:
My artwork serves to document the pilgrimage of conscious enlightenment. Drawing from the world’s esoteric, religious and shamanic practices, I intend to create a wholistic visual representation of our collective destiny. From the shadows of the unconscious to the luminous omnipresent Love and everything in between, I invite you along the soul’s journey toward ever divine awakening.

Ryan Blume was born on June 9, 1989 in Highland Park, IL and grew up in Lincolnshire, IL until the age of eighteen, when he began studying at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa. Blume graduated from the University of Iowa in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in studio arts with an emphasis in painting. Creation through all sorts of medium has been a standard in his life since the earliest days. As the second youngest of seven children, his siblings have always played a major roll in Blume’s life. From school projects, to personal art endeavors, he sat by and watched all of them create things. Along with family, travel, nature and spirit have been major influences in his ever evolving creative process. Blume currently resides in Chicago, IL, where he continues to deepen and expand his artistry.

  • Amy Segami – Commemorative Poster

  • Faridg Griyechk – Albert Einstein Oil Pastel on Canvas

  • Faridg Griyechk – Ray Charles Charcoal Portrait

  • Juried 12×12″ Holiday Show Submission

  • Nick Antonopolous – Bocas del Toro, Panama

  • Nick Antonopolous – Jungfrau Switzerland

  • Nick Antonopolous – Southwest Iceland Lighthouse

  • Nick Antonopolous – Thune Switzerland

  • Nixon the Murderer – Rice Paper – Propaganda Art

  • Ryan Blume - Anceint Future Vision

    Ryan Blume – Ancient Future Vision

  • Ryan Blume - Inner Flight

    Ryan Blume – Inner Flight

  • Ryan Blume – Inner Illumination