Jovanka Novakovic

Jovanka Novakovic is a self-taught portrait photographer based in Chicago where she co-founded Bauwerks Studio in 1999. She photographs a wide range of subjects including sports celebrities and political figures as well as hundreds of local entrepreneurs, artists and individuals. Her artistic nude and boudoir portraits are an exploration of the art and beauty of the human form while incorporating the subject’s emotion and personality.

Her most recent project, forties:nude, is a collection of black and white nude photographs of women in their forties including self-portraits printed on aluminum to reinforce the concept of strength and female power both in the poses and the medium. Her confident yet unintimidating character allows her to work easily with all types of personalities and capture their true essence as well as showing an interesting and unique perspective. Her work has been showcased in local, national and international newspapers, global trade and special interest magazines and websites.

  • Amy Segami – Commemorative Poster

  • Faridg Griyechk – Albert Einstein Oil Pastel on Canvas

  • Faridg Griyechk – Ray Charles Charcoal Portrait

  • Juried 12×12″ Holiday Show Submission

  • Nick Antonopolous – Bocas del Toro, Panama

  • Nick Antonopolous – Jungfrau Switzerland

  • Nick Antonopolous – Southwest Iceland Lighthouse

  • Nick Antonopolous – Thune Switzerland

  • Nixon the Murderer – Rice Paper – Propaganda Art

  • Ryan Blume - Anceint Future Vision

    Ryan Blume – Ancient Future Vision

  • Ryan Blume - Inner Flight

    Ryan Blume – Inner Flight

  • Ryan Blume – Inner Illumination