Jon Beskin

Born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, I studied both Studio Art and German at Macalester College in Minnesota. Studying abroad in Germany and Austria during college gave me a deep appreciation for learning other languages and cultures. Eager to see more of the world, I joined the Peace Corps, and served in both Turkmenistan teaching English and Jordan as a youth development specialist.

I am currently pursuing a Masters of Architecture degree at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. The skills and thinking I have gained as an artist have greatly influenced my work as an architect, and vice versa, as both fields depend greatly on complex spacial understanding, aesthetics, and visual communication.

  • Amy Segami – Commemorative Poster

  • Faridg Griyechk – Albert Einstein Oil Pastel on Canvas

  • Faridg Griyechk – Ray Charles Charcoal Portrait

  • Juried 12×12″ Holiday Show Submission

  • Nick Antonopolous – Bocas del Toro, Panama

  • Nick Antonopolous – Jungfrau Switzerland

  • Nick Antonopolous – Southwest Iceland Lighthouse

  • Nick Antonopolous – Thune Switzerland

  • Nixon the Murderer – Rice Paper – Propaganda Art

  • Ryan Blume - Anceint Future Vision

    Ryan Blume – Ancient Future Vision

  • Ryan Blume - Inner Flight

    Ryan Blume – Inner Flight

  • Ryan Blume – Inner Illumination