Wine and Paint Class September 19th 7pm


Get ready for a night of fun drinking your favorite wine and painting! All attendees will be guided through painting techniques and leave with your new painting. All art supplies, cups for wine, and bottle opener will be provided and ready for you at the event.

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Please arrive around 6:30pm as the class will start promptly at 7pm

The owl is a traditional symbol of wisdom. In many Native American, and Celtic traditions the owl is deeply respected, and sometimes feared for it’s ability to navigate through darkness. The owl has a way of seeing the truth even through distortion. Owl make a great totem for people who seek truth and clarity, for those going through life changes, as well as for those who stay up late at night doing creative work like art, music, & writing. By painting the owl, we come a little closer to it’s magic. Canvas 16 x 20in

Your Art Teacher:
Tara Luther is a Chicago oil painter who has exhibited extensively at art fairs and galleries in Chicago, Laguna Beach, San Diego, & Joshua Tree. She holds a Master’s of Counseling in the Arts from Adler University, & a BFA from Columbia College Chicago. Inspired by nature, mysticism, and the legends of ancient cultures, including her own Celtic heritage, Tara’s work is described as fantastical. She has lectured on a wide variety of subjects including the subconscious, archetypes, and the inner compass, all through the lens of contemporary art. “Painting encourages perspective because it drops the veil between illusion and creation. It encourages me to embrace practical solutions to nebulous challenges. Creating art gives us a new language. The connections we make inwardly and outwardly will allow for a richer experience of life.” You can check out her full bio at www.TaraLuther.com

*NOTE: We recommend wearing clothes that you do not mind if it gets a little paint on. The paint is washable, but we are not responsible for any damage to clothing. Water or any other non-alcoholic beverages are welcome. There is a beverage store across the street from the gallery.