Idealist Day

Join Idealists of Chicago for a casual, low-key networking and games day. Bring your favorite board game, food and/or drink, and spend your afternoon talking about dreams, goals, and your best ideas!

Idealist Days bring people together to play — and then act — for freedom and dignity, generosity and respect. For a better country, a better community, and a better life.

Inspired by Idealist.org founder Ami Dar’s vision, we will hold our very first Idealist Game Day on March 3! Bring a game you like and let’s start talking about what moves us.

What do we care about? What’s one thing we’d like to do, learn, or share to make our corner of the world a bit better? What, if anything, is stopping us right now? And what’s one step we could take to get started?

Hosted by Idealists of Chicago

For more info about Dar’s vision, visit https://medium.com/@AmiDar/idealists-of-the-world-unite-c84b69429086



Mar 03 2018


03:00 PM - 06:00 PM
Bucktown Gallery


Bucktown Gallery
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