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Keannerose’s film, Unrestrained Silence is featured in our May 2018 exhibition, CounterCulture: Hidden Stories of Chicago Past and Present

When we spoke to Cunanan about her work, she offered us no less than a conceptually impressive point of view, stating, “The topic of sexual abuse is a raw and arguably unvoiced subject. My work emanates from my personal experience with sexual assault. The images anatomize the psychological and social aspects of [it]. They explore the idea of trauma and vulnerable scars silenced and bandaged. The mouth is always covered in order to keep the emotional trigger mute. The covered mouth directs attention to the eyes as the only way to detect the damage that is buried beneath. The hands are always present to suggest that the bandaging of the aftermath from this violation is a choice. The varying speeds of the images explore the notion of memory and ambiguity. The different revealing speeds signify that the amount of time needed to get over the trauma is

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